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Upgrade Course

The upgrade course is a three-day course, that covers the following topics:

  • Patient observations:
    • Stereotactic frame placement
    • Mask simulation and treatment delivery
  • Planning and practice with the treatment planning system
  • Literature review, frame placement, imaging specifics, and doses/critical structures for:
    • Brain metastases
    • Acoustic neuroma
    • Meningioma pituitary adenoma
    • Trigeminal neuralgia
    • AVM
  • Mask-based fractionation, distributed, and staged radiosurgery for:
    • Brain metastases
    • Acoustic neuroma
    • Meningioma
    • Pituitary adenoma
    • AVM
  • Gamma Knife Icon-specific safety issues
  • Gamma Knife Icon-specific physics considerations
  • Pediatric anesthesia
  • Gamma Knife Icon mask-based problems and solutions