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DBP Fellowship Director's Message

Meet Our Program Director

Sari Bar

Sari Bar, D.O.

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, UT Southwestern

Developmental / Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship Program Director

Medical Director of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Down Syndrome Program

Welcome to the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship web page. With new advances in the understanding of brain development, the relationship between the environment and genetics, and both behavioral and pharmacological interventions, this is an exciting time to embark on training in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics.

Depending on their specific interests and motivation, our three-year, ACGME-accredited, program provides broad-based education at UT Southwestern and Scottish Rite for Children that will allow graduates to pursue academic and leadership positions, community-based practices, advocacy endeavors, and/or research-focused careers. From the developmental-behavioral concerns seen frequently in primary care settings to those unique to children and adolescents with chronic and complex medical conditions, our program addresses the full spectrum of these and offers incremental learning experiences along with an interdisciplinary approach. We invite you to explore our fellowship program further and learn more about the diversity of our training model.