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Dallas Heart Study Timeline

Year(s)Study Activities


Study designed by Drs. Ronald Victor and Helen Hobbs.


 DHS–1 study visits for 6,101 Dallas County residents:

  • Visit 1: In-home structured interview, blood pressure, weight (n=6,101)
  • Visit 2: In-home interview, blood pressure, blood and urine collection (n=3,557)
  • Visit 3: EKG, MRI, EBCT, DXA, anthropometrics, medications (n=3,072)


DHS transformed from a cross-sectional study to a longitudinal study:

  • Participants contacted to administer health survey by phone.


DHS–2 Clinic Visits:

  • Blood pressure, ankle-brachial index, blood collection, urine collection, anthropometrics, structured interview, EKG, acoustic cardiogram, medications, MRI, MDCT, DEXA, accelerometer placement, walk test, and cognitive screening test.

2010- present

Ongoing Follow-up:

  • Participants contacted yearly for phone/email health survey.