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Donald W. Seldin Research Symposium

The Donald W. Seldin, M.D., Research Symposium is the annual showcase research event of the Department of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Highlighting the tremendous research activity of Internal Medicine residents and fellows, the Symposium brings together trainees, faculty, and staff to celebrate the collaborative mentored research performed by Internal Medicine Trainees.

The Symposium held annually in late spring, when trainees gather to present posters detailing their research activities, where all faculty from the department and across campus are invited to celebrate and learn more about the breadth and depth of the department’s trainee research projects.



Research Competition

Posters are also judged each year by a large panel of Internal Medicine faculty, critically evaluating the strength of their experimental design and/or approach to patient-oriented problems and cases, the advancement of our fund of knowledge from their results and case analyses, and the potential for their work to significantly impact human health and health care.

Six finalists, designated as Foster Fellows in honor of the late Daniel W. Foster, M.D., are announced the next day following Internal Medicine Grand Rounds. Those finalists then present their work in short 5-minute blitz talks during Grand Rounds the following week, when a panel of judges vote to select that year’s winning Seldin Scholar.


Monetary awards are issued to each finalist and their faculty mentor to further support the education and development of each trainee, as well as further develop the collaborative research project between each finalist and their mentor. Each award celebrates the important collaboration between the faculty mentor and trainee and encourages the development of further research collaborations each year between Internal Medicine trainees and faculty.


Via generous donations, funding is available that enables us to award trainees judged to have given the most outstanding and impactful research presentation. These awards were made in direct support of their medical education and career development. Awards are named in honor of the late Dr. Daniel W. Foster and Dr. Donald W. Seldin, who as former Chairs of Medicine laid the foundation for the outstanding resident research programs ongoing today. Additional resources were also provided to their faculty mentors; these funds were dedicated to continue and extend the collaborative mentor-resident research project, thereby supporting the publication of the results in a peer-reviewed journal and/or presentation at a national meeting.