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Postdoctoral Research

UT Southwestern Medical Center ranked first among major universities in an analysis of the impact of published research in clinical medicine and in biology and biochemistry, according to a 2010 independent analysis by Science Watch. No other institution was ranked at the top of more than one of the six biological sciences surveyed. Science Watch, a publication that reports on trends and performance in basic research, also reported that UT Southwestern’s research impact ranked second in the field of neuroscience and behavior, and ranked third in molecular biology and genetics among all federally funded U.S. universities and medical centers.

Scientists at UT Southwestern are actively investigating topics as diverse as the biology of stem cells, chemical biology, cancer genomics and proteomics, molecular imaging, the molecular basis of drug addiction, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases, to name a few. Our biomedical research advances are a result of more than 3,500 independently funded research projects annually totaling more than $417 million.

Certain Internal Medicine division-specific sites, including Cardiology and Clinical Genetics, present information about additional postdoctoral opportunities on their individual Division webpages.