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Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Continuity Clinic

The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic, or Med-Peds Clinic, is a primary care practice where residents work alongside UT Southwestern Med-Peds faculty to care for infants, children, adolescents, and adultsall in the same setting. After completing their intern year, during which residents participate in categorical continuity clinics to obtain a solid foundation in each side, residents transition to the Med-Peds Clinic to care for their own panel of patients of all ages and backgrounds.

The clinic provides a small, supportive environment where residents gain a well-rounded clinical experience. They learn the art of primary care, including various clinical procedures such as Pap smears and steroid joint injections, so they feel confident performing them in their own practice instead of referring patients to specialists for these treatments and examinations. In this way, they develop competency in every setting, whether they are in a clinic, a hospital, or an intensive care unit.

Along with faculty and staff, residents are valued members of the clinic practice. In addition to supporting education and training in an ambulatory setting, the clinic provides a pleasant, encouraging environment that fosters resident growth and wellness.