2022 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Retreat

Congratulations to our UG finalists!

Name Institute Degree & Major
David Diaz University of Texas at Arlington BS Biomedical Engineering
Mun Hong Fong Purdue University BS Computer Science
Elizabeth Jeffery Texas Tech University  BS Microbiology and Animal Science 
Melina Khansari University of Maryland BS Biocomputational Engineering 
Vishesh Kumar Arizona State University  BS Physics 
Sol Markman Washington University in St. Louis BA Physics
Stanley Nicholson Illinois Institute of Technology  BS Applied Math 
Tanvi Panchumarthy University of Texas at Austin BS Biology
Tanya Rosyam Georgia Institute of Technology  BS Biomedical Engineering
Daniel Schafer Massachusetts Institute of Technology BS Math with Computer Science
Michael Solomon University of Texas at Austin BS Neuroscience


Finalists presented their posters to a panel of faculty judges. The top three received $1000 towards future educational travel costs. Such excellent research was presented that judges also awarded $500 to a fourth runner-up finalist!

From left to right: Dr. Bo Li (judge), Dr. Jian Zhou (judge), Tanya Rosyam (runner-up), Michael Solomon (winner), Mun Hong Fong (winner), Sol markman (winner), Dr. Gaudenz Danuser (Department Chair, Program Director, & judge), Dr. Kimberly Reynolds (judge), [& Dr. Albert Montillo (judge - not in picture)].

Internal Winners

Ryan Otto, a graduate student from Reynolds Lab was awarded Best Talk for his presentation titled A continuous epistasis model to predict growth rate following combinatorial gene expression changes.

Pavel Avdeev, a postdoctoral researcher from Zhou Lab was awarded Best Poster for his project titled Sequence-Based Super Resolution for Genomics Data.

Table 10 won the Social Media Ambassador Award for highest relevant tweeting throughout the day!
Designated tweeter Anthony Vega (@tonyv_phd) from Rajaram Lab accomplished this with Yihan Wang, Jian Zhou, Tanya Rosyam, Khuloud Jaqaman, Jialei Duan, Lukasz Joachimiak, and Levent Sari.

Along with Science, we had some major fun decorating pumpkins!

From left to right:

P-angel (1st place)
Jeon lee, Donghoon Lee, Tanvi Panchumarthy, Julia Kozlitina

Grad Student & Reviewer 2 (2nd place)
Michael Solomon, Alex Treacher, Daniel Armendariz, Justine Keth, Bingying Chen

Mr. 5B (honorable mention)
Soma Jana, Christoph Lehmann, Jinlong Lin