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Extracurricular Learning


Global Health


Our community is one that fosters any and all academic endeavors. Like our faculty staff, our anesthesia residents take the time to participate in various research projects while balancing their other academic responsibilities.  We hold them to the highest standards of excellence and they deliver.


As a department in one of the world’s leading medical research universities, our residents have options and opportunities that are only limited by their imaginations.  We share resources with a medical campus known for their multiple Nobel Prize winning scientists.  Our affiliated sites for clinical investigations include private, public, governmental, and pediatric hospitals.  Our residents are both encouraged and incentivized to travel to national educational conferences, and we are proud of the number of awards and research scholarships our residents receive.  Please contact our program coordinator for an updated list of resident publications, projects, and presentations.

Global Health:

Our program believes that a resident who is looking to volunteer their time to volunteer their assistance in an underserved area of the world should do so in location and capacity that maximizes personal meaning and growth.  So rather pursue a strategy based on a single location, we prefer to work with individual trainees to help them find a much more personal solution to their needs.  This has resulted in our residents having a diversity of experiences in locations such as:

  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Malawi
  • Ethiopia
  • Peru
  • China


We strongly encourage trainees interested in political advocacy to get involved.  Our residents have served in a range of roles from local to national levels.  We have several faculty members who have served leadership roles in both state and national organizations that are outstanding mentors.  A few examples of organizations that our residents have served on include: