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Medical Students

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center values the opportunity to offer an introduction to clinical anesthesiology in each of our six elective anesthesia medical student rotations. For the last 75 years, the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has been committed to the education and training of medical students and residents. Each month, medical students from around the country engage our staff, residents, and faculty in the science and art of the practice of anesthesiology. Our mission to provide excellent patient care, practice-enhancing research, and superior student and resident training has made our department one of the best anesthesiology departments in the country.

Dr. Lucas Richardson giving a presentation on emergency cricothyrotomy
Dr. Lucas Richardson giving a presentation on emergency cricothyrotomy.
Drs. Aditee Ambardekar and Ravi Bhoja with second year medical students discuss endocrine blocks
Drs. Aditee Ambardekar and Ravi Bhoja moderate a simulation experience with MS2 students.

Medical Student Electives

  • ANES 2101: Anesthesiology Elective

    This four-week rotation is available to both UTSW and visiting medical students. In addition to working alongside our residents and faculty at Parkland Memorial Hospital and Clements University Hospital, medical students can expect a broad didactic series as well as low- and high-fidelity simulation sessions designed at the medical student level. The curriculum is designed for all medical students, not just those interested in pursuing anesthesiology as a career. Emphasis is placed on developing a basic understanding of anesthesia pharmacology, pre-operative consultation, and acute care in the perioperative setting. Simulation sessions focus on diagnosis and management of very basic hemodynamic and respiratory crises, as well as team-based skills valuable for any physician.

  • ANES 2102: Pain Medicine Elective

    This rotation is available to UTSW medical students interested in learning about acute and chronic pain syndromes and management. The rotation consists of two two-week blocks on the acute pain service and in the chronic pain clinic at Parkland Hospital. We are excited to offer this curriculum to all of our UTSW students as it becomes a growing public health concern. We believe this is an important rotation for any physician-to-be.

  • ANES 2001: Exploration of Anesthesiology

    This two-week rotation is available to UTSW medical students interested in exploring the field of anesthesiology. Students on this elective are assigned 1-2 faculty preceptors in general anesthesiology.

  • ANES 2002: Exploration of Pain Medicine

    This two-week rotation is available to UTSW medical students interested in exploring acute and chronic pain medicine. Students on this elective will be exposed to chronic pain medicine through clinic visits and interventional pain procedures, as well as acute pain medicine and regional anesthesia.

  • ANES Advanced Rotations (ANES 1901 and ANES 1902)

    Advanced rotations are available to students who have satisfied the pre-requisite requirement, which is the successful completion of ANES 2101. The selective rotations are reserved for UTSW students who have decided to pursue Anesthesiology as a career. We have two selective offerings, the Anesthesiology Selective (ANES 1901) and the Acute Cardiovascular Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Selective (ANES 1902).

  • ANES 2105: Simulation Education for Medical Education

    This is an elective that students on the MedEd Distinction Pathway can take during their senior year to learn how to facilitate simulation-based curricula.

Medical Student Research

Many UTSW students choose to pursue research within our department. If you are a UTSW medical student searching for a project, you may browse the ongoing research, or you may contact Dr. Amy Woods for opportunities. Unfortunately, we are unable to host students outside the university for research on a volunteer basis.

Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

The Anesthesiology Interest Group provides students with a better understanding of the field of anesthesiology and pain management through monthly interdisciplinary lectures, hands-on workshops, and coordination of the anesthesiology experience (shadowing, mentoring, and research opportunities).

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Amy Woods
Class of 2024 Officers: Vivian Chen and Happy Le
Class of 2025 Officers: Aakash Padakandla and Lynn Yoon
Class of 2026 Officers: Kaylee Grant and Matthew Oh
Class of 2027 Officers: Emily Lachmann and Phil Ezeala
Outreach Coordinator: Kishan Patel
Outreach Committee: Roslyn Saplicki, Eric Allen, Smrithi Upadhyayula
Clinical Coordinator: Alex Iancau
Clinical Committee: Madeleine Ausburn, Hunter Cheng, Kevin Salinas

Feel free to us if you have any questions about AIG.

Dr. Bhaskar Padakandla speaking at podium
Dr. Bhaskar Padakandla, 2023 president-elect for the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, speaks to AIG members about private practice anesthesiology and the importance of being involved in specialty-governing organizations.
Students in classroom learning how to intubate
AIG students participate in an intubation workshop with Dr. Amy Woods

Resources for Medical Students