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Faculty Development Resources

In the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, people are our most valuable asset.  We understand that investing in our faculty is important, so we devote time, energy and other resources to our current (and future) faculty.  This includes mentoring and coaching in topics such as research, educational techniques and resources, and other professional and personal development.  If you are interested in joining an energetic and growing group of academic anesthesiologists, please contact me or Dr. Whitten with your CV and a brief statement of your goals.

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Anesthesiology Peer Coaching Program

Anupama Wadhwa, M.D.
Professor and Program Director

The Anesthesiology Peer Coaching Program aims to benefit both new and seasoned faculty members across our Department.

  • Providing opportunities to discuss transitional issues and serve as an introduction for new faculty
  • Assisting faculty in academic and personal leadership development
  • Providing support after stressful clinical experiences
  • Navigating work life integration
  • Navigating challenging relationships with colleagues and other team members

Women In Anesthesiology

Melissa Bellomy, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Program Lead

Anupama Wadhwa, M.D.
Professor and Program Lead

Lyndsey Grover, M.D.
Associate Professor and Program Lead

The WIA seeks to provide a forum for intentional networking, mentorship, and breaking down silos within the department due to physical locations. Throughout the year lectures and discussions cover topics such as advocacy, negotiation, getting involved at a state and national level, parental policy such as improving the conditions around parenting for all faculty, and personal-branding.