Parking Citations

Uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) can answer your questions and assist stranded motorists. Officers monitor entrances and exits of lots and garages, and enforce parking policies in lots, garages, and street parking.

Effective September 1, 2016, parking citations for Fiscal Year 2017 will be issued for:

Blocking loading docks/dumpsters $100
Decal/Hangtag not visible $50
Exceeded time limit $50
Fraudulent decal/permit/hangtag $350
Illegal use of patient parking validations $350
Illegally parked in a handicapped zone $150
Improperly displayed decal $50
Invalid expired decal/hangtag $50
Late payment fee assessed 30 days past issuance of citation $15
Parking in fire lane $150
Parking in "No-Parking" zone $50
Parking in wrong direction $50
Parking privileges suspended $150
Reactivation of parking card $35
Transfer of decal/hangtag not valid $50
Unauthorized parking in dock area/reserved space $125
Unauthorized parking in patient/visitor space $100
Unauthorized parking $100
Unauthorized parking in Official Guest space $75

Parking Enforcement

Misuse of parking privileges or nonpayment of parking citations will result in additional fines, and eventually in the revocation of campus parking privileges. The offender's vehicle may also be towed, whether registered to them or not.

Anyone receiving a citation must:

  • Pay the fine at a Parking Services office (or file a written appeal) within 30 days, or a $15 late fee will be added to the original citation amount.
  • Provide Parking Services with the citation number when you pay.

Appeals for citations older than 30 days will not be considered, and full payment plus a $15 late fee will be due.

Appeal forms may be filed online; hand-delivered to Parking Services; or sent via Campus Mail (Mail Code 9026). When mailing appeals, include a copy of the citation.

Please note that Parking Services office personnel cannot rule on individual cases and that verbal complaints do not serve as appeals. A Traffic Citation Appeals Committee meets monthly to review submitted appeal forms and rule on cases. Their decisions are final and cannot be re-appealed. Results are mailed directly to the appellants.

Citations (original and upheld by committee) not paid within 90 days will result in parking privileges being suspended. The current fee for parking on campus while privileges are suspended is $150 per occurrence. Citations may increase in cost from one fiscal year to the next, and payment will be at the highest rate.