Texas Public Information Act

Under the Texas Public Information Act (the "Act"), each person is entitled to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees, unless otherwise expressly provided by law. An open records request is a request for public information contained in the files or records of a Texas governmental agency, such as UT Southwestern. The Act does not require UT Southwestern to prepare answers to questions, perform legal research, create new information in response to a request, or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis.

How to Make a Request

To request public information from UT Southwestern, please follow the instructions on our Open Records page.


Generally, within ten business days, UT Southwestern must release information; provide written notice of the date and time you will get information; seek to withhold requested information by asking for a ruling from the Attorney General’s Office; or withhold information based on prior authorization. Please note information that is not confidential or otherwise protected may be produced in less than ten business days in certain circumstances. Requests for a substantial amount of information may take weeks to produce.

Cost of Records

Charges for copies of public information are set by the Texas Attorney General’s Office. If the charge for fulfilling your request exceeds $40, UT Southwestern will provide you with an itemized written estimate of the charges and indicate if a less costly alternative is available. If the estimated charge is more than $100.00, UT Southwestern will generally require a prepaid deposit or bond before providing the information. You must respond in writing within 10 days after the estimate is sent accepting the costs or that you desire a stated alternative, or your request will be considered withdrawn.

Additional Information

More information about the Act or open records requests may be found online in the Office of the Attorney General's Public Information Handbook and in the Public Information Notice.