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EAP Confidentiality

How do I know this service is truly confidential?

The purpose of the EAP is to provide assistance in a safe and private atmosphere. The EAP is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality.

When you seek help, the EAP counselor will not contact anyone at your employment without your written permission, and then only in accordance with applicable state and federal laws that govern both the employer and employee.

Occasionally, you and your supervisor may agree that an appointment with an EAP counselor might help improve your job performance. In this instance, the EAP counselor may ask your supervisor for information about your job performance.

The only information your supervisor will receive is whether you followed through with your appointment and are following recommendations.

Details about why you are seeing a counselor or what you are discussing will not be revealed without your written permission. Even in this instance, it is your choice to use the EAP.