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Faculty Wellness

Our mission is to promote a culture of health and professional well-being that empowers our faculty to reach their full academic and personal potential allowing our organization to function optimally as a leader in the advancement of health care.

What We Believe

As an institution, we must support the same principles of excellence, innovation, teamwork, and compassion that we value in patient care, education, and research in the development and support of our faculty. To fulfill our mission, we cultivate the following for our faculty:

  • Culture of Community

    Create a culture of community at work with a focus on our shared mission and purpose, which acknowledges the importance of professional fulfillment and its impact on our mission, and is actively committed to assessing and tracking standardized measures of faculty well-being.

  • Faculty Development

    Engage leadership and achieve institutional, departmental, divisional, and clinic buy-in for the importance of faculty academic development and empowerment in the achievement of our institutional mission including reinvestment in our faculty members to help us achieve our professional goals.

  • Support at a Local Level

    Empower and support faculty at a local level (department, division, clinic, hospital unit) to identify areas of improvement and support development of interventions that improve satisfaction with work, promote better work-life balance and professional flexibility, enhance loyalty and satisfaction, and create a sense of common purpose within the clinic and hospital unit environments.

  • Self-care Resources

    Provide resources to promote self-care and self-awareness of burnout and emotional exhaustion, as well as support systems specific to faculty that are available for peer support and professional development.

  • Scientific Study of Well-being Interventions

    Advocate, facilitate, and identify funding for the scientific study of interventions targeted at enhancing faculty wellness and well-being and their effects on patient care, quality, value, and faculty productivity.

UT Southwestern Wellness Resources

Faculty Wellness serves as a personal concierge to our faculty to help maximize our wellness offerings. UT Southwestern offers faculty:


Faculty Wellness Program Services

The goal of the wellness program is to support our faculty at all stages—from failing to flourishing—and to ensure a supportive environment with a high level of personal service to create an environment where we serve the mental and professional needs of our faculty in all of their roles at UT Southwestern.

  • Crisis Care

    We help facilitate getting our faculty to the help they need. If you or a friend are in crisis, you may:

  • Impaired Physician or Faculty

    Be it concerns about changes in cognition or physical skill or concerns about addiction or mental illness impairing your ability to work, the Recovery Employee Network Enhancing Wellness (RENEW) is here to help.

  • Psychological/Psychiatric Counseling & Support

    We want to support the mental health of all our faculty so that they can thrive. Specific resources include:

    UTSW Family Counseling and Support
    Family Studies Center for couple and family therapy available for UTSW staff, residents, and faculty.
    Intake Line: 214-648-6945

    Other mental health resource outside of UTSW
    MDLive Behavioral Health Telehealth 
    No co-pay and part of our UTSW Connect or Select benefits

    Learn to Live
    A behavioral health digital platform, Learn to Live is available to UT SELECT and UT CONNECT members. It offers condition-specific programs, each delivered in a user-paced multimedia experience. Services are also available on demand with the options for one-to-one clinician coaching services.

    UT Southwestern Department of Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic
    Telehealth visits are available for any faculty or staff member who may require medication management or psychotherapy/counseling for depression, anxiety, acute stress. Confidential treatment, accepts UT insurance and most commercial PPO insurance plans​.

    Phone: 214-645-8500

    Employee Support, powered by Headspace
    UT Southwestern has partnered with Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness, therapy, and employee assistance programs, to expand services previously offered by our Employee Assistance Program. This new range of services is available free of charge to all UTSW employees and their families, regardless of participation in a UT System health plan. You may incur an out-of-pocket cost (deductible, copay, etc.) if you choose to use a provider recommended by Headspace, such as virtual or in-person therapy or psychiatry. The Headspace app is available for iPhone or Android.

  • Group Support & Communities

    A sense of belonging and trust are important to wellness in any community. We offer a variety of communities and support mechanisms both virtually and within our health systems including:

  • Individual Support

    Sometimes the best thing is to talk to a colleague who can understand what you are going through. The Office of Faculty Wellness is always available to talk confidentially about any concerns you have or things you are working through. 
    You may contact:

  • Professional Wellness Coaching

    Professional Wellness Coaching is a transformative process that engages faculty in an accountable partnership that facilitates their growth through identification of who they want to be, ownership of challenges, and creating meaningful action plans for success and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives, fulfillment at the university and beyond.

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Susan Matulevicius, M.D., M.S.C.S.

Susan Matulevicius, M.D., M.S.C.S.

Associate Dean of Faculty Wellness


Julian Longoria

Julian Longoria

Senior Project Manager


Nikita Barnett placeholder

Nikita Barnett

Program Coordinator


Mike Caracalas

Mike Caracalas

Professional Executive Coach


Jaime Harry

Jaime Harry

Licensed Clinical Social Worker III and Wellness Program Liaison


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