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Financial Aid FAQs

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How long do I have to respond to my award?

You have two weeks from the date you receive your award notification to respond to the award. If you are a Health Professions or Graduate student starting school in May, you will need to accept your award as soon as possible to ensure your funds are processed in a timely manner.

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How can I view my financial aid award?

Log in to the Student Self Service Center. Under the Menu, click on Student Center. Once you are on the Student Center page, click on View Financial Aid. Click on the current Aid Year.

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Where can I find information on each award that I have been offered?

Information such as interest rate, repayment, and requirements are found on the Award Package page. When you log in to your award and click on Accept/Decline Awards, it will take you to the Award Package page where each loan will be highlighted blue. If you click on each of these awards, you will see the messages with instructions that you will need to complete to ensure your funds are disbursed.

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I don’t want to take the full amount of loans offered. How can I reduce the amount?

Click on Accept/Decline Awards. By clicking on the Accept checkbox, it will open a field where you can enter the desired reduced amount. You can always contact our office to request the loan you did not initially take out if you need it later.

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I am trying to figure out how much financial aid funds I need to accept. Where can I find a breakdown of the cost of attendance?

On the Student Center page, click on View Financial Aid. Click on current Aid Year. Click on Financial Aid Summary. Click on the Estimated Financial Aid Budget value highlighted in blue (it’s a hyperlink). This will give you a breakdown of the budget.

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When will my financial aid funds be disbursed?

On the Student Center page, click on View Financial Aid. Click on current Aid Year. On the Award Summary page, click on View Scheduled Disbursement Dates to see when the funds will be disbursed each semester. Please keep in mind that these are the dates when the funds are disbursed to the school, not the student. When the funds are disbursed to the school, your tuition/fees will be automatically deducted from your aid. Any remaining credit that exceeds your tuition charges will be issued to you within 1-3 business days via direct deposit (if you provided bank account information on the Student Self Service) or paper check. The Student Accounting Office will email you when the check is ready to be picked up at their office.

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How do I enter my bank account information?

To add your bank account information for direct deposit, please go to the Student Self Service Center and click on the Account Inquiry link under the Finances section, then the Account Services tab. If you encounter any problems with adding your bank information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Student Accounting Office at 214-648-8165.

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I just received my aid package and I wanted to know why wasn’t I offered any grant or scholarship funds this year, like I was given the previous years?

Unfortunately, institutional grants/scholarships are very limited. There is not enough to award every student, regardless of their need. No student is assured that grants/scholarships will be renewed in subsequent years for many reasons, including FAFSA information, timing, availability of the funds, and progression through the curriculum.

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Will I have any opportunities for applying for more scholarship money?

While there may be some additional scholarship offers that are made as the year progresses, we will target students with the greatest demonstrated financial need. We also send out a mass communication to all students when a scholarship application becomes available from private foundations later in the fall.

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