Housestaff Mentoring Network

Housestaff Mentoring Network Introduction
Learn more about the new Housestaff Mentoring Network with this quick overview!

Are you an intern, resident, or fellow looking for a faculty mentor? The Housestaff Mentoring Network for trainees is an accessible resource tool for professional development and network expansion. Interested mentees can search for a mentor based on a variety of criteria such as areas of interest or mentor profile information.

Finding a mentor can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Review the provided list of “Areas of Interest” in which you would like to receive mentoring. Areas of Interest topics include:

  • Department/Specialty Specific Guidance
  • Developing a Research Career
  • Diversity Guidance
  • Family and Child Care as a Physician
  • Leadership Training
  • LGBTQ+ Topics
  • Patient Care in the Era of COVID-19
  • Religion in Medicine
  • Single-Parenting as a Physician
  • Wellness
  • Women’s Topics

2. After you have identified your “Area of Interest,” select the topic to see the drop-down gallery of faculty mentors and his/her respective profile information.

3. Once you have reviewed and identified a mentor, you may contact him/her to schedule a meeting.

To assist with your mentor/mentee experience, Mentor Resources and Mentee Resources are available to assist you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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Areas of Interest

Department/Specialty Specific Advice 
Developing a Research Career 
Diversity Guidance 
Family and Child Care as a Physician 
Leadership Training 
LGBTQ+ Topics 
Patient Care in the Era of COVID-19 
Religion in Medicine 
Single-Parenting as a Physician 
Women's Topics