Faculty Engagement Survey

UT Southwestern received the survey results in early February 2017. Information is available on MyUTSW, the campus intranet. You must use a campus computer or VPN to access this information. 

This confidential survey was administered by the Faculty Forward program of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The survey opened on October 11, 2016, and closed on November 18, 2016. Our institution received an aggregate data report.

Survey results will be shared with the medical school community and used to create specific action plans to improve programs and policies within our institution.

Dean's Letter to Faculty

Dean Fitz introduces the concept of the Faculty Engagement Survey at Faculty Assembly, May 25, 2016.

Faculty Task Force

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Reports


We have heard of concerns about anonymity and whether all of the questions are required. When we contacted the AAMC, we were told:

“All of the questions are voluntary. If people have fears about providing their department, they can skip that question, and any other questions they feel uncomfortable answering.

“Please remind participants that we will never provide you (UT Southwestern) with a raw data file with individual responses. Additionally, we cannot provide you with cross-tabbed data file. We only provide reports looking at one variable. For example, you will see how all women responded, but you will not see how women within the Department of Urology responded.”

We hope faculty will include their department but as you can see, it is not required. Any surveys completed without the Department will roll up to the institution, but the response would not be reflected in the department completion percentages.