SUCCESS Additional Resources

Introductory Roadmap

Helen Yin, Ph.D., “Creating an Effective CV”

Lance Terada, M.D., “Promotion Criteria”

Steven Bloom, M.D., “Evaluating Progress Toward Promotion”

Educator Development

Reeni Abraham, M.D., “Education During Bedside Rounds”

Blake Barker, M.D., “Education in the Ambulatory Clinic”

Larissa Velez, M.D., “Evaluating Students and Trainees Using Competency Based Assessment”

Angela Mihalic, M.D., “Modeling Professionalism as an Educator”

  • Effective Teacher Series
    • Professionalism with Students
    • Cultural Competence for the Physician
    • Feedback and Reflective Debriefing in Medical Education
  • Al-Eraky M. Twelve Tips for teaching medical professionalism at all levels of medical education. Medical Teacher. Nov2015, 37 (11): 1018-1-25.
  • Berger AS, et. Al. Teaching Professionalism in Postgraduate Medical Education: A Systemic Review. Acad Med. 2020;95:938-946.
  • Papadakis MA, et. Al. Disciplinary Action by Medical Boards and Prior Behavior in Medical School. N Engl J Med 2005;353:2673-82.
  • Steinert Y. Cruess RL, Cruess SR, Boudreau JD, Fuks, A. Faculty Development as an Instrument of Change: A Case Study on Teaching Professionalism. Acad Med. 2007;82:1057-1064.

Dorothy Sendelbach, M.D., “Providing Formative Feedback to Learners”

Won Lee, M.D., “Finding Teaching Opportunities When You Don’t Have Residents and Students”

Scholarly Activity

Sandi Pruitt, Ph.D., “Developing Your Research Question”

Gary Reed, M.D., “Publishing Quality Improvement Projects”

Ethan Halm, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., “How Can Clinician-Educators Contribute to Scholarship?”

James de Lemos, M.D., “Getting Involved in Patient Oriented Research”

Kavita Bhavan, M.D., “Creating Scholarship in the Clinic”

David Gerber, M.D., “Resources for Clinical Academic Pursuits”

DuWayne Willett, M.D., “Epic Opportunities: Using Epic for academic scholarship”

  • UT Southwestern Health System Informatics
    • CMIO Team
    • Deputy CMIOs
    • Department/Divisional Medical Informatics Officers
  • Clinical Informatics Center

Joshua Fedewa, M.S., C.I.P., “IRB submission Process”

Professionalism and Institutional Citizenship

Jeffrey McKinney, M.D., Ph.D., “Professionalism”

Dev Desai, M.D., Ph.D., “Institutional Citizenship”