SMART Nanocourse Curriculum

The SMART course is 1-1/2 day long, and has two modules. Please below for detailed agenda.

1. A half-day module to build a toolkit for navigating UTSW as a junior faculty PI.

The module will guide junior faculty on how to navigate the academic landscape at UT Southwestern from the perspectives of department chairs and senior and junior faculty. The format will be panel discussions and short talks. Speakers and panelists include: David Russell, Sean Morrison, Eric Olson, Duojia Pan, Sandra Schmid, Neal Alto, Jane Johnson, Kim Orth, Dwight Towler, Ethan Halm, Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Suzanne Farmer, Lance Terada and junior faculty

Topics include:

  • Developing and communicating your vision
  • Knowing your strengths and developing people skills
  • Building your research program
  • Managing your research group
  • Negotiation and navigating conflict
  • Building your brand, collaborations, and networking
  • Promotion and tenure

2. A day-long interactive workshop to hone your scientific leadership and management skills.

The workshop introduces research management and leadership principles and reinforces topics discussed in SMART Module 1. The sessions will be interactive and provide practical guide on how to lead and manage your research team and program. It will include practice work to continue in real-life scenarios after the Workshop. This module is facilitated by Ed O’Neil, a nationally recognized external trainer in academia and biotech industries.