Leadership Emerging in Academic Departments (LEAD) Program for Junior Faculty Physicians and Scientists 

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Learn to Lead!

Explore and Develop Your Leadership Potential

Program Goals

Leadership is about influence and the ability to make things happen, not just “being in charge.” Therefore, leadership skills are critically important for faculty success at any stage of the academic career.

  • The LEAD Program is designed for junior faculty who aspire to develop their leadership skills.
  • Curriculum includes modules in self-discovery, communication, influence, negotiation, difficult conversations, inspiring trust, and embracing diversity.
  • Format includes didactic courses, case studies, and experiential activities. Participants work with an executive coach and anchor the LEAD learning objectives with an individual Capstone Leadership Project.

LEAD Program Curriculum

The 2020 LEAD program begins December 2019 and includes 10 monthly four-hour sessions on Fridays from 1 to 5 p.m. through December 2020. See full curriculum.

Capstone Leadership Project

Between February and October 2020, each LEAD Program participant will develop an individual Capstone project that identifies and proposes to address a current leadership, management, policy, or practice improvement challenge confronting his/her unit at UT Southwestern Medical Center (e.g., clinic, lab, research, or education team, division, department, or center).

LEAD Program participants will have considerable latitude to select problems of immediate relevance to their own professional practice and/or research and education. LEAD Program faculty provide feedback and refinements on proposed projects. It is not required that the Capstone project be implemented; however, a four-page proposal will be submitted to the Program Directors in October 2020 to satisfy the program requirement.


Assistant Professors and Associate Professors (fewer than four years in rank) are eligible. Underrepresented minority faculty members are encouraged to apply.


The following materials must be submitted electronically to the Office of Faculty Diversity and Development: utswfacultydiversityanddevelopment@utsouthwestern.edu

  • A completed online application.
  • New! We no longer accept letters of recommendation. Instead, our program team will send an evaluation form directly to the applicant’s chair after a completed application is submitted.
  • Curriculum vitae in standardized UT Southwestern P&T Format (Word template also is available at W:\PUB\SMSDEAN\Promotion and Tenure)

*NOTE - We are no longer accepting applications for LEAD 2020.


Our team of directors, co-directors, and faculty includes internationally recognized physicians, researchers, and administrators.


The LEAD Program is offered at no cost to the participants or their sponsors.