UTSW-Parkland Health Equity Scholars Program

Developed by executive leaders and co-sponsors, Quinn Capers, IV, M.D., Associate Dean of Faculty Diversity, UT Southwestern, and Roberto De La Cruz, M.D., CMO Parkland Health System, the UTSW-Parkland Health Equity Scholars Program is a 2-year initiative that funds 20% of a faculty member's salary and is designed to equip Clinician-Educator or Clinician track faculty with practical tools and experience to engage the community in activities that promote health and support health equity. For example, faculty may design programs that enhance uptake of vaccines in minority communities, cardiopulmonary resuscitation education in zip codes with high prevalence of cardiac arrest, develop activities that promote exercise and good nutrition in children and adults, training community health workers, etc. Training to become independent investigators is not a goal or requirement of the program.

At the end of the 2-year period, one of three results are anticipated: 1) the home departments will continue to finance 20% of the faculty members' time for community engagement/health equity work, 2) the faculty will obtain external funding to continue the community engagement/health equity work, or 3) the faculty member and chair will decide on how the 20% time is split, with many taking on more clinical work.


  • Full-time UT Southwestern faculty on the Clinician-Educator or Clinician academic tracks
  • Primary clinical appointment may be at Parkland Hospital, Clements University Hospital, or Children's Medical Center
  • Faculty must be within 5-years of their initial appointment as a faculty member
  • Have a stated career goal of clinical service to underserved and disadvantaged communities

Available Support

Scholars will have 20% of their salary supported for protected time to pursue a mentored health equity/community outreach project. Scholars will also have access to:

  • training in implicit bias mitigation
  • training in project implementation
  • leadership coaching
  • becoming a participant in the Office of Faculty Diversity and Development’s leadership development cohort-LEAD
  • direct mentorship for their community outreach/health equity project

Nomination Process

We are no longer accepting nominations for FY23. Submission items required on the nomination form include a:

  • description of interest from the faculty member detailing what problem in health equity they would like to address and a preliminary overview of how they might address it
  • nomination letter from the department chair
  • nomination letter from their direct supervisor (e.g., Division Chief)

Selection Process

  • A total of 5 candidates per year will be selected by a Health Equity Scholars selection committee.
  • A separate Health Equity Scholars Advisory Committee will meet with scholars quarterly to provide guidance and help with assignment of mentors for the project.

If you have questions, please contact us FDD@UTSouthwestern.edu