Faculty Diversity Statement

The Office of Faculty Diversity & Development at UT Southwestern Medical Center strongly supports and promotes a diverse academic culture, which, as an institution, we believe is a critical factor in advancing the health care of our diverse community, Texas, and the United States.

The cornerstone of a culturally inclusive academic environment begins with a diverse faculty population: one that strengthens the quality of UT Southwestern’s research and teaching by representing a variety of experiences, perspectives, and intellectual interests.

A diverse faculty creates a strong learning environment, enriches the process of discovery, promotes understanding and mutual respect, provides role models and mentors to our increasingly diverse student population, and ensures the development of a physician workforce that can meet the needs of our ever-changing society.

As a world-renowned state institution of higher education, it is our responsibility to recruit, retain, and develop faculty who represent the larger community that we serve. To maintain our competitive edge as a leader in education, patient care, and research, UT Southwestern must embrace diversity and fully utilize the available talent pool for faculty. By doing so, we demonstrate our commitment to faculty diversity and are fostering an inclusive environment where differences are valued.

The Office of Faculty Diversity & Development promotes diversity at UT Southwestern by:

  • Providing technical assistance to faculty on the submission of NIH Minority Supplement grants.
  • Providing one-on-one consultation/mentoring to junior minority and female faculty on career planning.
  • Supporting leadership development programs for minority and female faculty.
  • Providing financial support to accomplished junior faculty in underrepresented groups for research and for travel to scientific meetings. 
  • Ensuring a welcoming climate for minority and female faculty.