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Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services

We partner with departments, centers, and leadership to support the recruitment, onboarding, and retention efforts of faculty.

What We Do

The Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services assists the individual and family in the process of transitioning to UT Southwestern and acclimating to the DFW metroplex. We serve as a personal concierge to our faculty leadership and as a resource to our department and center partners to facilitate the recruitment and retention of clinician and scientist faculty, leadership, postdoctoral researchers, and their households.

Faculty Recruitment

We work in parallel with departments, centers, and institutional leadership during the recruitment process and act as a resource and contact for candidates.

Building Community Relationships

We provide resources, connections, and information tailored to the individual’s and family’s needs to make an informed career decision.


We recognize the challenges that come with a career change. We provide essential information new hires will need to be successful in their roles and ongoing careers at UTSW.

On-Campus Partnerships

Our office provides educational materials for use by UTSW departments and centers and onboarding guidance for new faculty leadership.

Office of Faculty Diversity & Development

We partner with the Office of Faculty Diversity and Development to ensure we recruit a diverse candidate population through strategic recruitment practices and educating new recruiters to ensure their success.

Office of Faculty Wellness

We connect with the Office of Faculty Wellness to promote the mental, physical health, and professional well-being of our faculty to empower them to reach their full academic and professional potential.

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Angela Broderick

Angela Brodrick-Donohue, M.S., M.B.A., CMPE

Director of Administrative Development and Support Services, Office of the Provost

Kate Rader

Kate Rader, CPRP

Assistant Director, Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services

Brittanny L. Anderson

Brittanny L. Anderson

Administrative Manager, Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services

Melanie Yenchai

Faculty Recruiter, Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services

Chris Belton

Faculty Recruiter, Office of Academic Recruitment Support Services

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