COVID-19 Research Projects, Funding, Resources, and Publications

Investigators at UT Southwestern from across the entire spectrum of clinical, data, and basic sciences have risen to the global challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this website is to facilitate these research efforts and crystalize others. Links on this site will take you to a listing of ongoing projects on campus in addition to funding opportunities, COVID-19 resources, and other relevant sites.

COVID-19 Research Projects

SARS-CoV2 Targets (27) 
Host Response to SARS-CoV2 (34)  
Epidemiology, Clinical and Laboratory Features, and Outcomes (71) 
Clinical Trials (19) 
Social and Behavioral Research (34) 
Effects of the Pandemic on Other Diseases (36) 
Effects of COVID-19 on Health Care Workers and Practice (46) 

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COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 Resources

UT Southwestern COVID-19 Publications

For further assistance with COVID-19 literature searching, UT Southwestern’s Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center.

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