Software Core Operations

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Software Obtained Through Academic Information Systems

Software Obtained Through University Departments

Essential Functions

  • Work with faculty to determine the greatest needs for both widely used and highly specialized software in the sciences, and assist with acquisition and licensing to enable broad use and maximize the impact on research
  • Provide ongoing consultation with faculty and staff to identify desired capabilities for future software and services to identify the most applicable and cost effective software packages to meet these specifications
  • Serve as a source of institutional memory for scientific software expertise, needs, and acquisition
  • Avoid unnecessary/expensive replication and ensure optimal use of research and administrative software

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Information on Software Obtained through Academic Information Systems

Citrix GoToMeeting

The UT Southwestern Software Core has negotiated the ability to purchase discounted year-long named GoTo Meeting Pro licenses.

The UTSW price for faculty and staff is discounted from the retail price roughly to 75 percent, a 25 percent savings.

The GoToMeeting Pro license includes:

  • High-definition video conferencing both inside and outside the UT Southwestern firewall
  • Up to 25 participants per meeting (an additional 100 participants license may be purchased)
  • Desktop sharing and control including whiteboard functionality
  • Text chat for questions during meetings and presentations
  • Support for Mobile Apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • The ability to host ad-hoc meetings and schedule future meetings as needed

For answers to compatibility questions, visit GoToMeeting System Requirements.

To request a GoToMeeting user account, please contact the UTSW Service Desk at See the Software Core web page for pricing.

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DNAStar Lasergene

Lasergene is a comprehensive DNA and protein sequence analysis software suite comprised of seven applications which include functions ranging from sequence assembly and SNP detection, to automated virtual cloning and primer design. Lasergene is available in three different configurations, each designed with different researchers in mind.

"Shared seat" is available for $695 and a "reserved seat" for $2,100. For availability and pricing details, please open a request with the UTSW Service Desk at


DocuSign® provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.

To acquire a DocuSign® Sender user seat license, submit a request to the UTSW Service Desk at Persons who will only be signing documents sent to them from DocuSign Senders do not need to request a seat license. The following information, as it applies to the person who will own the seat license, should be included in the request submitted to the Service Desk.

  • Full Name
  • Department
  • UTSW Username
  • Official Job Title
  • Sub Ledger to which the annual license fee will be applied.
  • An official approval notice signed, or stamped with official business email signature, from the manager with approving authority for the purchase of the DocuSign® user seat license.
    NOTE: Some users use their existing DocuSign® (DS) accounts to acquire the managerial approval signature and include a copy of the signed DS document in their ticket request.

Usage Limits: UTSW DocuSign monthly send usage has no hard cap, but is subject to DocuSign's definition of Reasonable Use limits. No bulk mailing. 

NOTE: DocuSign user accounts will only be assigned to UTSW email addresses belonging to, and managed by, individual persons; no resource mailboxes.

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Please visit the LabArchives page for additional information.

Mathworks MATLAB

MATLAB® is a high-level, technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation. Using the MATLAB product, you can solve technical computing problems faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.

MATLAB: The Software Core's license is available for any UT Southwestern Medical Center-affiliated client at no charge on UT Southwestern Library computers numbered:

  • E2.18 and E2.14 in the South Campus Library.
  • ND2.4 in the North Campus Branch Library.
    (There is a software logo label on the computer station designating MATLAB)

To access the Software Core's license, a co-pay of $650 is required from principal investigators.

Computing fees allow access to the license at no charge for students and postdoctoral scholars registered in the graduate school.

For questions regarding the MATLAB campus license, available toolboxes, purchase of new toolboxes, and yearly cost to users, contact the IR Service Desk at 214-648-7600 to open an incident.

To download MATLAB, please visit the MATLAB instructions page (internal only).

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If you need to transfer large files and/or sensitive data files to internal or external users, but Outlook has file size restrictions on attachments, what can you do? Use the MOVEit DMZ Secure FTP Server provided by Information Resources.

MOVEit DMZ safely and securely collects, stores, manages, and distributes sensitive files between you and internal or external entities over encrypted connections. All files received by MOVEit DMZ are securely stored using FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption, the U.S. Federal and Canadian government encryption standard.

For more information regarding MOVEit DMZ, including how to acquire access to it, please visit the MOVEit DMZ Secure FTP Server web page (UTSW login credentials required).

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PyMol is a molecular visualization software tool that is built on an open source foundation, maintained and distributed by Schrödinger.

UT Southwestern users acquisition, installation, and usage support is provided by visiting the PyMol website.

For download problems, please open an incident with the IR Service Desk by emailing the IR Service Desk.

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REDCap Data Manager

REDCap Survey is a powerful tool for building and managing online surveys. You can create and design surveys in your web browser, collect responses from survey participants, and export your survey results to Microsoft Excel or a variety of statistical analysis packages (SPSS, SAS, R, Stata).

For availability and product details, please contact the UTSW Service Desk at

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To purchase a SnapGene single machine user license, send your request and the following information to the UTSW Service Desk at

  • Sub ledger to which the user license will be charged.
  • Full name of person who will be the owner of the user license.
  • Email address of the person who will be the owner of the user license. (Must be an email address owned by an actual person; no group, machine, or lab resource mailbox addresses allowed.)

Information and training videos are available at the SnapGene Tutorial Videos web page.

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Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica provides an integrated environment that allows for technical computing for R&D and education providing data analysis, visualization, and statistical data analysis.

For availability and product details, please send a request to the UTSW Service Desk at

Information on Software Obtained through University Departments

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe® Creative Cloud® is tightly integrated professional software for delivering distinctive print design in marketing collateral, magazines, research, image processing, books, packaging, and more.

Adobe is no longer available at UT Southwestern University Stores.

Discount copies of Adobe are available for UTSW faculty, staff, and students from SHI Government Solutions. For availability and product details, please email Daniel Martin with the Purchasing Office.

SHI Government Solutions is our contact vendor for Adobe software license questions and educational quote pricing. Contact SHI GS:

or, phone: 800-870-6079

Once you have received a price quote from them, a special REQ is then submitted in PeopleSoft to have an order placed. Attach the price quote in Line Comments, along with email address of license key recipient.

The end user will receive via email in 3-4 days a license key and instructions to download software from Adobe.

Ordering a software media CD is not necessary, but recommended, as it makes for an easier download of software, can be used for multiple licenses, and serves as a software backup.

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FlowJo (Flow Cytometry)

The Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry Facility, located within Children's Research Institute at UT Southwestern, is a shared resource laboratory (SRL) committed to providing cutting-edge flow cytometry services to scientists at CRI, UT Southwestern, and other institutions. For more information, read about Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry.

To obtain a license under the CRI FlowJo Site License Program, complete and submit the CRI "FlowJo Site License Registration Form."

SAS Analytics

SAS Analytics provides an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, optimization, simulation, experimental design, and more. From dynamic visualization to predictive modeling, model deployment and process optimization, SAS provides a range of techniques and processes for the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables, and relationships, leading ultimately to new insights and better answers faster.

SAS is available at no charge on Library computers numbered:

  • E2.19 and E2.20 in the South Campus Library.
  • ND2.8 in the North Campus Branch Library
    (There is a software logo label on the computer station designating SAS.)

User licenses may be purchased through the UT Systems TXShop. A purchasing EID account is required. Find EID account registration information among the Frequently Asked Questions at the TXShop webpage. However, first check with your department administrator, who may already have an EID account registration. 

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SciFinder® is a research discovery application that provides integrated access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances, and reactions in chemistry and related sciences.

First-time users should register to use SciFinder® by accessing the Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center "Quick Links" web page and selecting "SciFinder Registration." Follow the online prompts thereafter.

Return users should access SciFinder® by using the Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center "Quick Links" web page and selecting "SciFinder." Always use the Library link to access SciFinder.

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive, easy-to-use set of data and predictive analytics tools for business users, researchers, analysts, and statistical programmers.

SPSS is available at no charge on computer numbered E2.16 and E2.17 in the South Campus Library and ND2.10 in the North Campus Library; there is an SPSS logo on the computer.

An annual license is available to all UT System faculty, students, postdocs, staff, and departments for $270 from UT Austin. Support for the SPSS license can be obtained through the UT Austin ITS Help Desk (512-475-9400).

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