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Pricing & Services

The Preclinical Pharmacology Core offers a range of services associated with preclinical drug development and pharmacokinetics on a fee-for-service or collaborative grant-funded basis. See list at left for details of our services.

Assay costs vary with the complexity of the study but are built based on prices from the attached ala carte menu which is shown below. Please inquire with the Core director regarding pricing for your particular project. New projects require consultation with the Core director prior to initiation and completion of the Compound Submission Form.  External customers are charged at 2X and 3X internal prices.  Please inquire for more details.

Quotes are prepared and services invoiced using iLabs.  Please Email us for questions about using iLabs.  UTSW faculty should automatically have an account but members of their laboratory or outside users must register for an account.

Preclinical Pharmacology Core A La Carte Menu

A La Carte ItemsFY2023 Internal Price/Unit
0.2micron 6600 filter $3.14
14 mL Round Bottom Tubes $0.16
Balb/c mouse (JAX)) $36.59
BCA Protein Concentration Measurement (per sample) $0.42
Bead Bug Tissue Homogenization $3.28
C57BL/6 mouse (JAX) $35.55
Caco-2 Reagent (per well) $8.36
CD1 mouse $10.50
CD-1IGS Rat $66.63
CD-1 IGS Rat with dual cannula $281.88
CD-1 IGS Rat with single cannula $174.25
Conventional Mouse per Diem (up to 3 mice) $0.79
cryovial (2 mL round bottom) $0.26
cytochrome P450 reagent fees> $98.80
Dog microsome $34.95
Dosing consumables $0.63
ETDA (K2) Microtaine Blood Collection Tube $1.05
Formulation reagent $8.36
hepatocyte reagent fees $76.32
HPLC vials $0.63
human microsomes $48.09
human S9 phase I reagents $35.55
Labor $39.21
LC-MS/MS run  (1-100) $4.82
LC-MS/MS Run (>100) $3.62
mouse microsomes> $31.37
Nod-Scid IL-2R gamma KO mouse (JAX) $110.00
Nude mouse (JAX)) $60.00
Phree Column $2.30
Plasma (per ml) $3.87
Plasma sample collection $0.21
Rat microsomes $30.32
Rat Per Diem $1.30
RED Reagent $10.32
S9 phase I + II (mouse) $104.55
S9 phase I (mouse) $35.55
Saliva processing $0.78
Salivette-cortisol collection tube $1.05
Sample processing $0.84
Sample processing with filter HPLC vial $3.45
SPE Column $3.14
 Sterile Mouse Per Diem $0.90
Strata C18-SPE column $2.10
Tissue culture for cell based studies $10.46
Tissue Sample Collection $0.52
Ultrafiltration Reagent $7.32
Whatman 903 protein saver cards, per sample (for Dried blood spot) $0.37
Whatman filter HPLC vials $3.22
Xenograft Tissue Culture $78.41