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The mission of the Preclinical Pharmacology Core is to assist investigators in refining and improving the drug-like characteristics of novel small molecule compounds and to provide a resource for evaluating the in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic behavior of novel and existing small molecule therapeutics.

Getting Started on New Projects

  1. Consult the Core Director via or phone (214-648-5072) prior to initiation.

  2. Complete the Compound Submission Form.

  3. Register or log in to iLabs to view quotes and invoices.

UTSW Core Seminar Spotlight
Noelle S. Williams, Ph.D.

About the Core

Preclinical Pharmacology Core Lab Team
Preclinical Pharmacology Core Lab Team

The Preclinical Pharmacology Core offers a variety of drug development services to investigators at UT Southwestern as well as external academic clients. The Core was established in 2007 by the Biochemistry Department through the auspices of a program project grant in cancer (NCI PO1 CA095471) and has since expanded to support additional grant-funded research activities as well as fee-for-service projects.

The Preclinical Pharmacology Core has established assays to evaluate in vitro drug toxicity and specificity against a wide-panel of tumor cell lines, in vitro drug stability using hepatocytes, microsomes, and S9 fractions, drug solubility and formulation for in vivo work, plasma protein binding, and inhibition of cytochrome p450 drug metabolizing enzymes. The Core additionally has experience in administration of novel compounds by various routes (IV, IP, PO, SC) to evaluate both in vivo toxicology and drug pharmacokinetics and when requested to help with studies to evaluate drug efficacy in a variety of models.

Finally, the Core has established relationships with several pharmacology contract research organizations for evaluation of off-target interactions of more advanced compounds such as hERG binding and genotoxicity. Assistance with study design, implementation and analysis are provided. Core resources can be accessed on a fee-for-service basis or in a collaborative grant-funded situation. Assistance with grant writing is available.

About Our Funding

The lab is affiliated with UT Southwestern’s Department of Biochemistry and is supported by institutional resources and collaboratively held grants from the National Institutes of Health.


Physical Location

The Preclinical Pharmacology Core is located in two contiguous labs (L4.244/L4.245) on the 4th floor of the Green Science Building (“L” Building) within the Biochemistry Department.
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Lab Phone: 214-648-0348

Shipping Address

Noelle Williams
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Central Supply Warehouse, XA100
2929 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247-9056
Attn: Room L4.244

Core Director

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