Metabolic Phenotyping Core

The Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MPC) provides state-of-the-art analytical and phenotypical measures to the scientific community both inside and outside UT Southwestern Medical Center. Our goal is to expand the scope of techniques available to investigators, standardize key methodologies, and expedite the completion of research on diseases related to metabolic disorders (diabetes and obesity), cancer, aging neurological disorders, etc.

UTSW Core Seminar Spotlight
Ruth Gordillo, Ph.D. & Syann Lee, Ph.D.


  • Chemistry analysis using VITROS MicroSlide™ technology
  • Targeted Metabolite profiling using LC-MS/MS technology
  • Enzymatic colorimetric assays (Total ketone bodies, 3HB, free glycerol, non-esterified free fatty acids, BCA, total phosphate, Iron/UIBC))
  • Quantification of biomarkers by ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
  • Quantification of panels of biomarkers by magnetic bead mapping multiplex technology
  • Tissue lipids extraction and quantification of cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Seahorse XF-24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer for cellular metabolism study
  • Bomb calorimeter measurements
  • Plasma lipoprotein particles fractionation
  • Metabolic chambers that measure calorimetry, activity, and food/water consumption
  • Urine collection chamber
  • Treadmill for mice and rats
  • Body composition analysis (MRI)
  • Glucose-insulin clamp studies
  • Primary hepatocyte and β-cell isolation from mice or rats
  • RNAscope and Base Scope hybridization

We provide letters of support for grant proposals and research applications, both on and off campus (contact core directors).

Data generated by UT Southwestern Metabolic Phenotyping Core should be acknowledged on manuscripts and grants.

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