Genomics Core

The UT Southwestern Genomics Core facility was established in 2001 and has been providing cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services to hundreds of investigators working on basic and clinical research projects. Genomics core offers wide variety of services. We provide centralized access to the genomics technologies to on-campus as well as off-campus research communities. We offer a broad range of products and services for DNA and RNA sequencing as listed below. Our team of expert technicians, bioinformaticians, and scientists who have decades of experience in the field of genomics provide extensive technical and scientific support from experiment design to data analysis. Our mission is to provide our investigators with the best genomics services to boost the scientific discoveries.

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Genomics Core Team

Headshots of four people
(From left) Prithvi Raj, Chaoying Liang, Carlos Arana, and Jinchun Zhou

Offered Sequencing Services

Genomics core offers variety of RNA and DNA sequencing services on NextSeq550, MiSeqDx, and 10X Genomics platforms. Following is the list of major sequencing services that core provides on regular basis:

I. DNA & RNA extraction service
(Blood, culture pellets, tissues, FFPE, etc.)

II. DNA sequencing
DNA-Seq Lib Prep
ChIP-Seq Library Prep
ATAC-Seq Library Prep
Human Exome Library & Target enrichment

III. Custom Panel sequencing
1385 Pan Cancer
Fusion Panel
NGS Panel
NGS Pan Cancer mutation Test
SLE custom panel
HLA gene panel

IV. RNA sequencing
Whole transcriptome Lib Prep
miRNA Seq Lib Prep Only
mRNAseq (Stranded Lib Prep)

V. Sequencing only services
MiSeq PE300 V3
MiSeq PE3150 V3
NextSeq PE150 High
NextSeq PE75 High
NextSeq SE150 High
NextSeq SE75 High

VI. Single cell sequencing services -10X Genomics
Single cell RNA sequencing
Immune cell profiling

VII. Sample quality control services

VIII. Data analysis services
ChIP-Seq primary data analysis
DNA-Seq custom panel analysis
RNA-Seq data analysis

Core Team provides inputs on experiment design, sampling, storage, transport, and sample submission. Our data analysis team has access to various sequence data analysis softwares such as CLC-Biosystems, Genome Studio software packages. Core offers extensive bioinformatics analysis to users based on the goals of the study. Since our mission is to support the ongoing research, we offer most competitive pricing for our services. Please contact our staff for more information on available protocols, pricing, and sample submission guidelines.