Fly Core

Core Services

The Drosophila Media Preparation Core provides UT Southwestern investigators with affordable, high-quality media for Drosophila research. The food is prepared in a centralized kitchen and stored in plastic vials or bottles. Drosophila food is continually available on a sign-out basis.

Process to Pick Up Media Supplies

Visit cold room, NA05.104C, and complete the information in the supply sign-out book.

To ensure we anticipate your specific media needs, please let the Core Coordinator know in advance if your supply volume needs change.

New Lab Directors

New lab directors at UTSW should email Michael Buszczak, Ph.D., Faculty Core Director, at Email to set up an appointment to discuss core operations and be formally added to our campus users’ list.


Prices include a set amount for non-personnel plus a portion of actual labor expenses for the period.

Fly Media has four products:

  1. Fly Media Flat-Bottles - $17.60
  2. Fly Media-Empty Bottles -  $8
  3. Fly Media Flat-Vials - $17.34
  4. Fly Media-Empty Vials - $10.20

Each product has a set price. Order revenue for all labs is calculated for the monthly billing period. The total of each individual lab's orders is then divided by the total of all lab orders for the period in order to calculate a usage percentage for each lab. This allocation percentage will be used to determine the amount of labor expenses charged.

Actual personnel expenses are determined for the period. Those expenses are then multiplied by each lab’s usage percentage to determine labor costs charged to each lab.