2021 Article Archive

Lowering iron in fat cells prevented weight gain in mice


Lowering iron content in fat cells prevented mice fed a high-fat diet from gaining excess weight and developing associated health problems by limiting the amount of lipids absorbed by the intestines

Novel microscopy method at UT Southwestern provides look into future of cell biology


What if a microscope allowed us to explore the 3D microcosm of blood vessels, nerves, and cancer cells instantaneously in virtual reality?

Texas Health Informatics Alliance launches, opens registration for its first conference


The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) are pleased to announce the formation of the Texas Health Informatics Alliance (THIA) and plans for its first Texas Health Informatics Alliance Conference

UT Southwestern investigators report first analysis of pioneering kidney cancer radiation approach in clinical trial


A new approach using precisely targeted, high-dose radiation to treat invasive kidney cancer proves safe, based on a clinical trial by the UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center’s kidney cancer program.

HER3 gene mutations can worsen tumor growth in breast cancer, study suggests


Mutations in a gene related to HER2, a gene frequently implicated in breast cancers and a variety of other malignancies, can amplify activity that spurs tumor growth

New NIH grant supports ongoing UTSW investigation of debilitating complications of blood clots in teens


UT Southwestern will lead a multicenter investigation into why children and young adults experience decreased physical activity and shortness of breath after experiencing blood clots, thanks to a four-year $2.97 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In Memoriam: Jean Wilson, M.D., made scientific discoveries that led to effective prostate treatments, insights into sexual differentiation


Jean D. Wilson, M.D., an internationally known endocrinologist whose scientific discoveries led to profound insights into the mechanisms underlying sexual differentiation and led to now widely used treatments for prostate disease, died June 13. He was 88.

UTSW researchers identify first Beta variant in North Texas amid rise of "variants of concern"


UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists have identified the first two cases of the Beta variant (B.1.351) of COVID-19 infection in North Texas using next-generation sequencing technologies along with targeted PCR testing.

UT Southwestern Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care partnering on Lone Star Depression Challenge


UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care is collaborating with mental health colleagues across the country to expand detection and treatment for depression and other disorders across Texas as part of the Lone Star Depression Challenge.

Study finds dosing strategy may affect immunotherapy outcomes


Overweight cancer patients receiving immunotherapy treatments live more than twice as long as lighter patients, but only when dosing is weight-based