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2020 Article Archive

Simmons Cancer Center joins elite network of institutions


The March 21 decision by NCCN to include the Simmons Cancer Center among its members recognizes Simmons Cancer Center’s elite status and will deepen its collaboration.

Friends, parents, and peers provide critical support system for adolescents and young adults with cancer


If not teamed with psychological, social, and emotional support, cancer news can negatively impact young patients’ emerging developmental needs and perspectives.

FDA-approved drugs could help fight COVID-19


Drugs that are already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could hold promise in fighting COVID-19.

UTSW researchers and international collaborators find human protein that potently inhibits coronavirus


A protein produced by the human immune system can potently inhibit several coronaviruses, including the one behind the current COVID-19 outbreak, an international team of investigators reports today.

Could cancer immunotherapy success depend on gut bacteria?


A study by researchers revealed that gut bacteria can penetrate tumor cells and boost the effectiveness of an experimental immunotherapy that targets the CD47 protein.

Study: Tuberculosis bacteria produce cough-triggering molecule


The bacteria that cause the deadly lung disease tuberculosis appear to facilitate their own spread by producing a molecule that triggers cough.

Daylight saving returns amid global debate to end clock change


Daylight saving is approaching again, perhaps for the penultimate time in some countries where a fierce debate is being waged over its impact on health and the economy.

Travel history should become routine in medical assessments to slow pandemics’ spread


Integrating travel history information into routine medical assessments could help stem the rapidly widening COVID-19 epidemic, as well as future pandemics, infectious disease specialists recommend in the Annals of Internal Medicine.