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2019 Article Archive

Take a preventive game strategy on heartburn relief


Prevention is now emphasized for heartburn relief.

Athletes can rest easy: Extreme exercise does not raise heart disease risk or mortality


High volumes of exercise are safe, even when coronary calcium levels are high.

Option plays for Super Bowl bingeing


Tips on how to stay on track in the face of party temptations.

Edible audibles for the Big Game


There are plenty of options for cutting calories as well as substitutes for some of the more high-calorie options

Keep food in the safety zone


Avoid food poisoning with a few cautionary steps.

Tips for tackling your diet at Super Bowl parties


If you have resolved to eat healthier to manage your diabetes, blood pressure, or cholesterol, parties can present a challenge, so it’s important to have a game plan before tackling the Super Bowl spread.

Hope for life


UT Southwestern Medical Center is helping the Duff family organize a gene therapy clinical trial to treat Talia’s condition, called Charcot Marie Tooth disease, type 4J (CMT4J).

Be on the defensive for acetaminophen buildup


When seeking quick pain relief, people should not overuse acetaminophen as a cure-all.

Liver cancer patients can be treated for Hep C infection


A large, multi-center study refutes earlier suggestions that antiviral drugs for treating hepatitis C may lead to a higher recurrence of liver cancer.

Take action to prevent cervical cancer


Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by human papillomavirus, or HPV, making it a preventable cancer, say UT Southwestern Medical Center physicians.