2016 Article Archive

Dr. Samuel Parnell receives Ho Din Award


He’ll begin a residency in emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University in June, and when he goes he’ll take with him the accoutrements of the Ho Din Award, the most prestigious award given to an outstanding medical student at UTSW.

Drs. Sam Jeong and Daniel Walk: Class of 2016 Leadership Award


It was a simple thing, the random assignment to Seldin College of a pair of first-year UT Southwestern Medical School students four years ago, but that pairing proved fortuitous for the Class of 2016.

Dr. Sam Jeong: Award for Excellence in Dermatology


Dr. Sam Jeong has spent four years at UT Southwestern Medical School learning how to serve not just those in need, but his peers as well.

Dr. David Harker: Award for Excellence in Dermatology


Most medical students who pursue a dermatology residency first decide that they are interested in the specialty and then undertake research in order to strengthen their application. For Dr. David Harker, the process was reversed.

Dr. Dominique Van Beest: Kowalske Outstanding Medical Student in PM&R Award


Dr. Dominique Van Beest wants an answer to the question: “Now what?”

Dr. David Xu: Texas College of Emergency Physicians Award


Say “Shanghai basketball star” and most fans might think of 7-foot-6-inch former NBA Houston Rockets star Yao Ming … except in the sports-crazed Xu family. They think of 5-foot-7 Dr. David Xu.

Dr. Astrud Villareal: Minnie Lee Lancaster, M.D., Scholarship Award in Family Medicine


During her time at UT Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Astrud Villareal has displayed a heart for serving others and a passion for community service.

Dr. Ryan Harris: TAFP Dallas Chapter Outstanding Graduate Award


One look at his resume and it becomes apparent why the multifaceted nature of family medicine is so appealing to Dr. Ryan Harris.

Dr. An Lu: Dr. Richard Mays Smith Award in Internal Medicine


Growing up in a small village in Vietnam, Dr. An Lu knew the struggle of adapting to new places. At age 14, Dr. Lu and her parents, both manual laborers, moved to the United States.

Dr. Caite Meyer: North Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Award for Outstanding Medical Student in Psychiatry


Not only does Dr. Caite Meyer have a family history in medicine, her grandfather, Dr. George Meyer, was a psychiatrist and former President of the American Psychiatric Association.