Titan Krios microscope

FEI Titan™ Krios transmission electron microscope with Bioquantum energy filter, K2 direct electron detector and Volta phase plate (NL1.180D)

Dr. Nicastro standing next to Titan microscope
Talos microscope

FEI Talos™ Arctica transmission electron microscope with K2 direct electron detector and Volta phase plate; HHMI-funded (NL1.160D)

Scios microscope

Scios DualBeam for cryo-focused ion beam milling of frozen cells (NL1.180A)

Accessory Equipment

Vitrobot machine
FEI Vitrobot™ plunge freezers (NL1.160 L/M)
Gatan machine
Gatan Cryo-plunge™ 3  (NL1.160 L/M)
Homemade machine
Homemade plunge freezer (NL1.160 L/M)

Preparation Areas

Autogrid workstation
Autogrid-workstation (NL1.180 D)
Glow discharger
Glow dischargers (NL1.160 L/M)