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The instruments in the Cryo-EM Facility represent a substantial investment and resource for the UTSW research community. The CEMF's Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) has established policies to ensure that these resources are available at the optimum performance level and a minimum of downtime.

Please note that all policies, rules, and rates will be reviewed periodically by the IAC and are subject to change.

Updated Policies 09/11/2020 and Sample Form are available in PDF form via MyUTSW, the campus intranet.


Titan Krios, Talos Arctica, and Glacios Usage

Fiscal YearTitan KriosTalos ArcticaGlaciosTraining & Practice Sessions
As of 2020 $35/hour $30/hour $30/hour $45/hour
As of 2022 $40/hour $35/hour $35/hour $50/hour
As of 2023 $46/hour $38/hour $38/hour $50/hour

We encourage labs without expertise in cryo-EM to use the Structural Biology Lab (SBL), which provides various services for structure determination, including single-particle cryo-EM.