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Publishing your research study builds trust and accountability, protects participates, and ensures you maximize research funding. When research is open and transparent, everyone can see what is happening and the outcomes from the finished study.

What to Include in Your Study Results

Your clinical trial or study results should include the following information:

  • Participant Flow
  • Baseline Characteristics
  • Outcome Measures and Statistical Analyses
  • Adverse Events
  • Limitations and Caveats
  • Administrative Information

Reminder: Register Your Study

Registering clinical trials when they begin, providing timely updates, submitting summary results, and making this information publicly available fulfill many purposes and benefit a variety of people:

  • Fulfills ethical obligations to participants and the research community
  • Provides information to potential participants and referring clinicians
  • Decreases publication bias
  • Helps editors and the research community understand the context of study results
  • Promotes more efficient allocation of research funds
  • Helps institutional review boards (IRBs) determine the appropriateness of a research study

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