Student Observership

We also offer physician shadowing and observerships for students.

Shadowing a Physician: Our shadowing experience allows the student to observe a day in the clinic with a physician. This opportunity is great for a MS1 or MS2 student who is trying to gain insight into a specialty they would like to pursue.

  • Currently enrolled UTSW medical student
  • Non-UTSW medical student applying through VSAS

Observerships: High school students and undergraduates who are working on projects may find the observership more beneficial because it grants them more time in the clinic.

  • Working on a school project related to the medical field
  • Students participating in programs such as Health Science Tech High School or the Dallas Mayor’s program 

While both opportunities are offered year-round, the availability is dependent on the number of students that are enrolled in electives for the time period sought.

Learn about eligibility criteria.