Technology Commercialization

The Technology Commercialization group serves UT Southwestern’s faculty and students by evaluating new inventions disclosed to the office and then managing each technology’s best route to commercialization by:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Pursuing and overseeing intellectual property protection when appropriate
  • Negotiating licenses with existing or startup companies
  • Monitoring ongoing compliance by licensee

If you have an invention to disclose, please submit UT Southwestern’s Intellectual Property Questionnaire.

Come visit OTD experts during TechDev Tuesday office hours beginning September 3rd. Feel free to bring your ideas related to inventions, research collaborations, industry-sponsored research, intellectual property, startups and commercialization.

The graphic below demonstrates the Commercialization Process and the importance of constant communication between Investigator and the Technology Commercialization team.

Technology Commercialization Process

Any additional questions regarding Commercialization may be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page, or you may contact the Technology Commercialization team.