About Technology Development

UT Southwestern Medical Center has been protecting and licensing intellectual property for more than 40 years. In 1998 the Office for Technology Development (OTD) was created to manage UT Southwestern's technology transfer activities and to facilitate the formation of biomedical companies based on UT Southwestern-developed technologies.

Diverse Team in a circle with hands in the middle to indicate teamwork

OTD's team is comprised of the following groups:

Technology Commercialization manages and markets intellectual property developed by university investigator/inventors.

Cooperative & Sponsored Research drafts, negotiates and executes all non-royalty bearing legal agreements governing intellectual property transferred onto or off of UT Southwestern's campus.

Business Development identifies companies best suited for commercial development of intellectual property.

Venture Development researches technologies suitable for entrepreneurial development and assists in developing startup companies based on those technologies.

Financial Management manages the Office for Technology Development's financial portfolio.

Faculty Liaisons engage with faculty, clinicians and researchers, to facilitate intellectual property disclosures and to breakdown the complexities of the commercialization process. 


OTD Cumulative Numbers, Fiscal Year 2018