Auxiliary Enterprises

South Campus plaza

Auxiliary Enterprises ensures that business services designed to enhance and support UT Southwestern Medical Center’s core missions of teaching, research, and patient care are provided for the campus community with courteous efficiency. These services include:

Vending Machine Refunds

Refunds are handled in two different ways by the vendor, Mcliff.  The best line to reach them is 817-640-1791, then 1 for customer service.

If a debit/credit card transaction fails to deliver product, the machines have drop sensors that should recognize product failed to deliver. It will take 48 hours, but the authorized charge should be credited back to your account. 

If a cash transaction fails to deliver product or correct change, you can get a refund through the mail if you’d like to provide a mailing address. Alternatively if you are an employee on site, Mcliff can have our tech refund money on arrival, as they like to schedule a service call anytime a machine malfunctions.