Protein Chemistry Core Collaborations

We encourage PIs to discuss collaborative projects in which Protein Chemistry Technology Core (PCTC) staff could participate. These projects will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and principally involve complex and/or time-consuming experiments in peptide synthesis or mass-spectrometric analysis.

Some examples:

Chemistry Projects

The PCTC has technology that allows us to synthesize small protein sequences up to about 150 residues. This approach is useful for rapid mutation of short sequences within a protein molecule or introduction of site-directed modifications (isotopic labels, fluorescent probes, phosphate groups, biotin, etc.) onto specific amino acids. We also offer a semi-synthetic approach, called expressed protein ligation.

Mass Spectrometry Projects

Our state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility is well equipped and can handle complex biological samples. 2D-LC has proven very effective for simplifying the analysis of complex samples from cell lysates and biological samples. Using iTRAQ and ICAT technology, we can undertake a variety of MS experiments, including the study of differential protein expression levels in normal and disease states. ICAT allows the comparison of two samples at MS level, while iTRAQ can obtain additional information by comparing up to four samples at MSMS level.