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Flow Cytometry Core

Core Description 

The flow cytometry facility is located in NA2.302 and NA2.308. It is equipped with a FACScan, three FACSCaliburs, a CyAn, Canto, LSR II, and ImageStream for user-operated data acquisition. A Bioreader 5000 elispot reader is also available for spot counting.

After mandatory training by facility staff, users are granted access to lab 24/7 to run the benchtop analyzers and utilize analysis computers. Training is $100 for the Scan and Caliburs and $125 for the Canto, CyAn, LSR II, and ImageStream. Training should be scheduled when an experiment is available.

Flow Cytometers

Instrument Laser Wavelength(s) (nm) Colors Hourly Fee
Scan 488 3 $30
Calibur 488, 635 4 $30
CyAn 488, 635, 405 9 $50
Canto 488, 561, 635 8 $50
LSR 488, 532, 405, 635 16 $60
ImageStream 488, 634 5 $60

Spot Counting

The fee for the Bioreader 5000 Elispot reader is $12 per plate.

Cell Sorters

The facility has five cell sorters; facility staff operates the MoFlo and three Arias. The AutoMacs is user-operated.

MoFlo and Arias Up to 18 colors $88 for first hour
    $81 for each additional hour

Computers and multiple software packages are available for data analysis free of charge to users. Flowjo is the primary analysis package and a site license is available through the IR website on MyUTSW, the campus intranet.