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2020 Article Archive

Big variability in blood pressure readings between anatomical sites


Blood pressure readings taken from neuroscience intensive care unit (NSICU) patients had marked differences between opposite sides of the body and different anatomical sites in each individual

Vulnerable cells armor themselves against infection by depleting surface cholesterol


Scientists have long known that the mucus membranes that line the intestines, lungs, and other sites play a key role in protecting the body from systemic infection.

Tumors hijack the cell death pathway to live


Cancer cells avoid an immune system attack after radiation by commandeering a cell signaling pathway that helps dying cells avoid triggering an immune response

UTSW researchers use snake venom to solve structure of muscle protein


Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical center have uncovered the detailed shape of a key protein involved in muscle contraction.

Where cancers go could guide their treatment


Kidney cancers that metastasize to the pancreas have a fundamentally different biology from those that metastasize elsewhere

Drug combination fights resistance to lung cancer treatment


A new drug combination discovered by the UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center may extend the effectiveness of a lung cancer treatment

SORTing gene editing tools to where they're needed


Scientists at UTSW have developed a technology that shuttles nanoparticles carrying gene editing and protein replacement tools to the specific tissues where they're needed.

UTSW nurses improvise, innovate to cope with coronavirus


Nurses at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified dozens of ways to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Simmons Cancer Center joins elite network of institutions


The March 21 decision by NCCN to include the Simmons Cancer Center among its members recognizes Simmons Cancer Center’s elite status and will deepen its collaboration.

Friends, parents, and peers provide critical support system for adolescents and young adults with cancer


If not teamed with psychological, social, and emotional support, cancer news can negatively impact young patients’ emerging developmental needs and perspectives.