Routine Histology

The Histo Pathology Core offers routine histology services for workup of specimens as paraffin or frozen. Routine histology services offered include:

• Paraffin Processing and Embedding: Automated, Manual, Chromagen
• Cryoembedding: TFM, OCT, or Gum Tragacanth
• Paraffin Sectioning: H&Es, and/or unstained slides cut to needed anatomy
• Cryosectioning: H&Es, and/or unstained slides cut to needed anatomy
• Additional Levels: Ribbon, Interval, Additional Block, Serials Separate Slide
• Special Stains
• Counterstaining/Coverslipping

Additional routine histology services offered include:
• Tissue Grossing
• Wild-type Tissue Archive Sections
• Wild-type Embryo Archive Sections
• Deparaffinization and Microwave HIER

Established clients should submit tissues in the following solutions:
• 50% EtOH for Adipose, Brain (Paraffin)
• 1x PBS or 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin for All Other Tissues (Paraffin)
• 30% Sucrose for Brain (Frozen)
• 18% Sucrose for All Other Tissues (Frozen)
• No Adipose Frozens
• Other endpoint specific solutions depending upon need (Call to discuss)

Whenever possible, new clients should consult with us before tissues are collected to best ensure experimental goals are met, and to best mesh with the core's processing routines.

Off-campus academic and pharmaceutical clients must provide a valid purchase order number, contact information, and Federal Express account for return shipping.