Histopath Consultation

The Molecular Pathology Core offers histopathology consultation by appointment with the lab's Director, Jim Richardson, a Distinguished Teaching Professor, and board-certified veterinary pathologist.

Dr. Richardson is expert in the analysis of murine phenotypes, with a strong emphasis in comparative pathology and developmental biology. He is an excellent collaborator and teacher.

His histopathologic expertise…

• helps characterize mutant mouse phenotypes.

• helps develop experimental models of human disease.

• helps elevate projects for publication in higher impact journals.

• helps grantsmanship through collaboration.

His office and consultation arena is equipped with a dual-headed teaching microscope for one-on-one collaborative histopathology review, and a video-display system for small group review/discussion. He is located in NB6.420, in the Department of Pathology's main offices on UT Southwestern Medical Center's North Campus.

Dr. Richardson's services/collaboration are by appointment and they are generally performed on work the Molecular Pathology Core has played a role in preparing.

Dr. Richardson is available for commercial consultations outside the UT Southwestern research community, with the caveat that he has a formal role in experimental design prior to tissue collection.