Anatomic Pathology

The Histo Pathology Core offers anatomic pathology services on an as needed basis to train clients as well as facilitate morphologic and histologic endpoints in large terminal studies with mice.

The Core provides expert training in the following procedures with mice:

• Transcardial Whole Body Perfusion
• All Organs Survey Dissection
• Organ Specific Dissection
• Organ Specific Grossing
• Embryo Collection and Staging (E8 - E15)

The Core maintains animal use protocols covering the euthanasia and necropsy of mice (APN: 2016-101868) and mouse embryo collection (APN: 2016-101847). These protocols authorize the shipment to and use of mice for terminal pathology studies in the Core's Tissue Handling Lab, NB11.204.

Assistance with studies involving species other than mice is available, as is assistance with large terminal mouse studies beyond the space limitation of NB11.204. In these cases, Core staff are available to facilitate elsewhere on UT Southwestern Medical Center's campus, where the client investigator has IACUC approval.

Anatomic pathology services are only available on campus at UT Southwestern and therefore unavailable, in most cases, to off-campus academic and pharmaceutical clients.