Workflow for EM Projects

  1.  Registered user logs on and makes project request through PPMS

  2. EMCF staff review project request and gather missing information

  3. EMCF staff accept the project and schedule sample submission with the user

  4. EMCF staff provides freshly prepared fixative to the user

  5. User fixes tissue and cuts it into pieces NO LARGER than 1 mm on a side

  6. User places cut up tissue into clearly marked vial identifying the sample

  7. A completed sample manifest must be received by email before samples are submitted (click here for template)

  8. EMCF staff assign EMCF sample numbers to each sample in the manifest

  9. User brings fixed samples to EMCF for processing

  10. EMCF will process, section and stain samples, communicating with user as necessary

  11. EMCF will notify user by email when sample processing is complete