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Price List effective January 1, 2016*


ServiceIn-house PriceNotes
Sample Preparation
TEM processing (tissue and adherent cells) $60 per sample Including resin embedding for immunogold
TEM non-adherent cells $70 per sample Cell pellet in agarose
Sectioning & staining $60  
SEM processing $50 per sample A $20 per run surcharge will be added for critical point drying
Pre-embed gold labeling with silver enhancement $120 per sample Includes sample processing
Cryosectioning $500 for up to two samples 8 hr labor plus cost of LN2
Immunolabeling of resin or cryo-sections $200 per sample  
Staff assistance $60 per hour Includes user training for sample processing and microscope operation
User processing for TEM or SEM $20 per sample Cost of materials
User negative staining $5 per glow discharge run Cost of materials (grids extra)
SEM sputter coater $20 per 30 sec For cost of gold or gold/palladium target
Microscope Usage $50 per hour  

*Quotes will be provided upon request.
*Rush orders are 2X
*External academic prices are 2X
*Commercial prices are 3X