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Aspiring Leaders

We will begin accepting applications for the Aspiring Leaders Program from May 1 through July 15.

The Aspiring Leaders Program is offered to a limited number of UT Southwestern Medical Center employees who aspire to be leaders. If you are interested, and if you will have 2 years at UT Southwestern by August 31, 2024, schedule your DISC training to be ready to apply once the window opens. Schedule your DISC training through Taleo on our ACE homepage.

About the program:

  • For employees not currently supervising others or in a leadership role
  • 12 months long
  • Application required
  • Attend prior to your first people-manager role

Our Goal

To provide eligible UT Southwestern employees with leadership training and resources to facilitate a successful move into a leadership role.

Curriculum Features

  • Monthly, in-person leadership group sessions
  • Individual project assignments
  • Development assessments
  • One-on-one mentoring with a UTSW mentor

Program Details

  • Eligibility

    The Aspiring Leaders Program is offered to a limited number of UT Southwestern Medical Center employees. You can apply to the program if you meet the following requirements:

    1. You have at least two years of employment at UT Southwestern Medical Center by August 31 of the application year and a rating of "Meets Expectations" or above on your most recent performance appraisal.
    2. Your current manager supports your participation in the program.
    3. By July 15 you have completed the DISC Profile training program (found in Taleo Learn).
  • Expectations

    If you participate in the Aspiring Leaders Program, you agree to:

    1. Attend (in-person) four to eight hours per month of professional development training programs and not miss any in-person sessions.
    2. Complete an individual project (which will be presented at the end of the 12 months).
    3. Schedule and attend monthly meeting(s) with your assigned mentor.
    4. Discuss key learning points from the training sessions with your manager.
    5. Transfer knowledge gained from training sessions into the workplace.
  • Application Process
    1. Complete a Candidate Application Form, May 1 through July 15.
    2. Ask your manager to complete a Manager Recommendation Form. (available May 1)
    3. The Aspiring Leaders Program Selection Committee will select candidates for the program.
    4. A maximum of 40 participants will be selected per cohort. (See schedule in section below.)
  • Resources
  • Training Schedule


Questions about Aspiring Leaders?